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Shaker o pojemności 700 ml wykonany z tworzywa sztucznego. Idealny na siłownie lub codzienny jogging.

Dostępny w wielu kolorach.

Shaker o pojemności 500 ml wykonany z tworzywa sztu

Klasyczny bidon z nakrętką typu „push/pull” lub z wężykiem. Możliwość nadruku logotypu. Zapraszamy do składania zapytań ofertowych.

Karabińczyk z wbudowanym kompasem. Można go przypiąć do plecaka, butelki lub szlufki od paska.

Dmuchawka przeznaczona do rozpalania ogniska i grilla.

The original double action pump for larger inflatables. Although copied many times by various producers the original still stands out.

Double action ball pump. Delivered with plastic or metal ball needle in a pin pac. Superb for profile print.

A very well designed ballpump with an exclusive apperance. Double moulded grip. Delivered ina outerpackaging which also can be used as a case.

An exclusive ballpump. Double action. Carbon look and feel. Alu and highquality POM acetal. Hose connection.Metal needle.

Double action ball pump from the original double action company.

Design protected. Plastic or metal needle

3 pcs of durable plastic needles. Fits all our ballpumps

To extend the ballpump with ballneedle (metal European) or to extend a bike pump (autovalve)

New unique ball pump with built in pressure gauge. Double moulded outer grip which gives an ergonomical good grip.

High quality cone. With holder. 25 red 25 yellow. Other colours possible upon request

Cone 28 cm. High quality. Yellow/Red

Heavy cone! 15 cm high. Excellent for hockeytraining, agility. Grips on bottom to prevent sliding.

High quality 40 cm cone

Quciker Pumpset with adaptors and connections for all valves. Bike; Schrader, presta, dunlop. Hose for extension, ballneedle, Comes with clips.

The classic combination pump for bike, ball etc.

Clips for your pump. Sold in pairs.

Triangel shaped ice scraper with snow falke pattern on one side. Generous print area on one side. 100 * 80 mm. Exciting design!