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test polish

Bidon z nakrętką typu "pull/push". Model jest całkowicie dostosowany do uchwytów zamocowanych na ramach rowerów (również tych stacjonarnych). 

To extend the ballpump with ballneedle (metal European) or to extend a bike pump (autovalve)

The best minipump on the market! Testwinner! The only pump on the market to do 12 bars - which it doees - simple!.

Very durable and powerful bike pump. Produced in extreme polytmer and alu. Silicon grip for easy handling. Lockable T handle against valve.

A high quality pump for an attractive price. Double action (pumps both when pulled and pushed).

Quciker Pumpset with adaptors and connections for all valves. Bike; Schrader, presta, dunlop. Hose for extension, ballneedle, Comes with clips.

A very stable and powerful floorpump. Fits all valves. Pressure gauge (on top -. easy to read) Release valve.

Efficient floor pump which fits all valves. Pressure gauge. Steel/alu/polymer. 6-7 bars.

The classic combination pump for bike, ball etc.

Small and powerful CO2 cartridge pump. The absolutely fastest way to pump a bike! Best adapted for highpressure rims. Fits all valves.

Clips for your pump. Sold in pairs.

A new Quicker Double actionpump.